Wonder Woman 1984, the best comics to rediscover the DC Comics heroine

Warner Bros. Entertainment recently announced that Wonder Woman 1984 will be available via streaming (Amazon Prime Video, Apple Tv, Youtube, Google Play, TimVision, Chili, Rakuten TV, PlayStation Store, Microsoft Film & TV; only at the premium rental on Sky Primafila and Infinity) starting February 12. Wonder Woman is one of the best known and most acclaimed figures in pop culture, so much so that he has such a long-lived editorial history that it makes it difficult for us to collect the best comic stories to get to know Diana Prince better.

In fact, we are talking about the first female heroine of DC Comics: born, in 1941, from the pen of the psychologist William Moulton Marston and from the designer’s pencil Harry G. Peters, develops as a pure archetype of the strong woman who, thanks to a path of authorial growth, has managed to take the deserved place in the DC comics Trinity with two other legendary figures such as Batman and Superman. Diana Prince it is an absolute symbol of gender equality in the superhero world and a constant source of inspiration for women. A character that goes beyond the very concept of Comics and, with the following tips, we will try to make you discover the Amazon Goddess to the fullest.

Wonder Woman by George Pérez

For starters, we could have opted for a classic origin story, but it’s thanks to the immense George Pérez that Wonder Woman is what she is today. At the end of the 80s the author, thanks to the fundamental event Crisis on Infinite Earths, has contributed in a dominant way to shape and reshape the character with a series of simply breathtaking narrative cycles such as Gods and Mortals e Challenge of the Gods.

The feminist charge is slightly set aside to make way for a role of champion of peace and justice. This narrative cycle is clearly inspired by Greek mythology, so much so as to elevate the relationship between Wonder Woman and Olympus with a series of tests to better consolidate her status quo as an Amazon Goddess. The drawing is “son” of that time and may not catch the eye, but history will still be able to kidnap you today. Waiting for a complete and modern reissue by Panini Comics Italia, only past editions marked Planeta DeAgostini and RW Lion can be found.

Wonder Woman vs Cheetah

An immortal clash, prolonged and told from every point of view, so much so that it is also transposed into the film Wonder Woman 1984. Cheetah is one of Wonder Woman’s most iconic villains, so much so that it has been remodeled several times based on the growth of the legendary female icon of DC Comics. There is not just one alias, but multiple incarnations of this menacing cheetah-looking hunter. Also thanks to Pérez we had in the 80s a renewal of the character who, we remember, made his debut in 1943.

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There is no story that stands out more than the others so, with the desire to provide you with a series of pages full of healthy mythological blows, we bring you to your attention Wonder Woman vs Cheetah: a recent collection, published by Panini Comics Italia, containing the best clashes between the two stoic duelists.

Spirit of Truth, Wonder Woman secondo Paul Dini e Alex Ross

Let’s jump back to talk, perhaps, about one of the best graphic representations of Wonder Woman thanks to the skilful art of Alex Ross. Spirit of Truth, by Paul Dini, is an introspective analysis of the difficult relationship between Diana Prince and that same humanity always placed above everything and protected to the end of one’s strength.

A decidedly current theme, such as the perception of women in the modern world and the fact that, in every social sphere, Wonder Woman has had to face problems among men deriving from her appearance and her uncommon character. In addition to the masterful beauty of the tables, Spirit of Truth reveals a “human” weakness present within the Amazon Goddess: the judgment of others and everything that can arise from it within. To read.

New 52, Brian Azzarello reiventa Wonder Woman

As has already happened in the past, one of the trademarks of DC Comics is to shuffle the cards on the one-off table to freshen up the editorial offer. This happens thanks to the umpteenth “Crisis” which, some time ago, gave birth to one of the most controversial phases in the history of DC: the New 52 universe.

If on the one hand there are numerous editorial flops, on the other hand some brilliant managements stand out clearly which, fortunately, also invested Diana Prince. We are talking about the Wonder Woman New 52 targata Brian Azzarello e Cliff Chiang, who took over the character and reinvented him to make him definitely in step with the times. The bet was won, so much so as to be the best editorial hit achieved in that period by DC Comics to date.

Wonder Woman – Terra Morta, Daniel Warren Johnson’s post-apocalyptic

We close this roundup, aware that we have not been able to insert many other high quality stories, with a completely different point of view from those shown so far but which, we are sure, will arouse no small curiosity. What if Wonder Woman were unconsciously catapulted into a post-apocalyptic world?

How would your relationship with humanity, the one and only cause of this socio-environmental disaster, evolve? This and more in Terra Morta, a very recent story conceived by one of the emerging talents of international comics: Daniel Warren Johson.

Thanks to his steampunk-like stretch and a clear influence of Japanese and American comics, the author has put on paper a story as courageous as it is successful in every aspect. The miniseries, consisting of four issues, was recently published in Italy by Panini Comics in the prestige format.


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