Wolverine: here is the new project by John Ridley, all about the new Marvel comic

In addition to the Wolverine reboot series, the numerous fans of the Marvel comic book character will be happy to know that soon they will be able to read the numbers of the series edited by John Ridley, Oscar-winning writer.

Is titled “Wolverine: Black, White & Blood“and the author will be part of the creative team starting with volume 3. Here’s how the Marvel describes the work: “Ridley and superstar artist Jorge Fornés will take Wolverine to Japan, where he will face his past while battling the Silver Samurai. Marvel Comics is thrilled to welcome John Ridley, and will be happy to announce more projects with him in the near future.“.

It therefore seems that the collaboration between Marvel and the screenwriter of “12 Years a Slave“will continue, although for now we have no other news about it. To read the third volume of Wolverine we will have to wait for the next January 2021, at the bottom of the news you can find an illustration by Jorge Fornés, an author known mainly for his works on the series dedicated to Daredevil. Looking forward to find out more details on Black, White & Blood, a series that will make its debut in November, we recommend this alternative version of Wolverine’s face designed by the famous English artist John Byrne.

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