Will The Promised Neverland Continue? A strange Posuka tweet suggests a sequel

The Promised Neverland ended a few days ago on Weekly Shonen Jump. The manga of Kaiu Shirai and Posuka Demizu has fascinated readers and readers over the past four years, but ultimately Emma's story has come to an end. All as expected by Shirai who already thought of closing the manga between 20 and 30 volumes.

The franchise, however, will be active for a long time: the Japanese live action of The Promised Neverland will arrive at the end of the year, followed by the second season of the anime in early 2021. A new Amazon Prime Video TV series and then a western-style The Promised Neverland, along with many other important projects that will arrive in the coming months.

But Posuka Demizu, designer of The Promised Neverland, through her cryptic tweet suggests that there is still something in store. After communicating that in the coming months he will not detach himself from the brand since he has to prepare the drawings of the artbook, the fanbook as well as the tankobon 20 to be released in October in Japan, he announced that there is still a project of The Promised Neverland not announced which you will have to deal with.

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This obviously widens the possibilities a lot since it could be a special chapter on the future of Emma and her companions, a spin-off or an in-depth analysis on one of the old characters or even a real sequel to The Promised Neverland. For the moment, however, we will have to wait at least a few months before discovering the truth behind this mysterious project. Meanwhile, do not miss the review of The Promised Neverland.


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