Will Smith Loses His Teeth Against Jason Derulo: The Hilarious Video Goes Viral

Jason Derulo has knock out the two front teeth of Will Smith in a hilarious video for Tiktok in which the actor tried to teach the American singer-songwriter and dancer how to play golf.

Unfortunately the star of I'm legend it was 'hit in the face' by the golf club, and the predictable consequence is laughable: watch the video at the bottom of the article!

Obviously, the video represents a staging for social media, simply because both stars love a joke done right: Derulo, among other things, has amassed an impressive number of new followers on the social network TikTok thanks to this thought, and although the two protagonists of the stunt have not yet admitted anything, fans are convinced that Will Smith's teeth look great.

Speaking of Will Smith: It was an interesting week for him to say the least, as after resolving the lawsuit for the film King Richard, which will allow him to play Venus and Serena Williams' father in the biopic, he also announced the dramatic reboot of Willy The Prince of Bel-Air, on which he will work as a producer.

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What are your expectations for the two projects? As usual, please let us know in the comment section below.


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