Will PlayStation VR 2 be released at the launch of PS5? New clues from the publisher of Apollo 11 VR

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According to what Immersive VR Education suggests, the publisher of the VR experience for Oculus dedicated to landing on the Moon, the marketing of PlayStation VR 2 could take place simultaneously with the launch of PS5.

As reported by colleagues from VR Focus, the latest report published by Immersive VR Education representatives expressly mentions PS VR 2 as one of the virtual reality viewers arriving in the year just started: "2020 will see Sony launch the PlayStation 5 and a new version of the PlayStation VR headset, which will further expand the user base for virtual reality games with high-end viewers. The group intends to support this device with its current software suites. ".

The statements reported by VR Focus have not yet been confirmed or denied by Immersive VR Education; as regards Sony, however, the Japanese technological giant has repeatedly explained that PS VR 2 will be expected and that, while falling within the medium-long term plans of the company, will not be available at the launch of the next generation of the Black Monolith, also at the center of more or less truthful indiscretions that go to illustrate all the games announced at the presentation of PS5. The rumors about the arrival of PlayStation VR 2 coinciding with the launch of PS5 add to the recent rumors inherent in the PS VR 2 patent on improving eye tracking.

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