Will Ninja only play on YouTube? The streamer has not signed any exclusivity

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Ahead of the Mixer shutdown scheduled for July 22, Ninja has switched to YouTube. The new marriage between the most famous streamer in the world and Google's video platform, however, should not preclude the possibility of operating in other contexts, such as those of Twitch and Facebook Gaming.

During the event that made official the arrival of Ninja on YouTube with a boom of spectators in the debut streaming in the company of friends TimTheTatman, Courage and DrLupo, the personality of Fortnite made no mention of the terms of the agreement signed with Google or even offered clarifications on the nature and clauses of his new professional commitment among YouTube streamers.

As pointed out by the eSport expert Rod "Slasher" Breslau from the columns of his Twitter profile, Ninja would not have signed any exclusive contract or agreement: Tyler Blevins can thus continue to decide independently if, where and when to offer its streams on Fortnite Chapter 2 or on other video games.

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Also according to Slasher, moreover, the high spheres of YouTube and Twitch would not be trying to "force the situation" to push Ninja to sign contracts with clauses that provide for the exclusive commitment of the US streamer. The consultant specializing in eSport-related events also specifies that "if there is one thing that is now clear to all is that in an international context like the one we are experiencing for the Coronavirus emergency, neither YouTube nor Twitch want to sign very rich exclusive contracts with streamers, neither of them thinks that it should get to do it in a situation like this ".

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