Will Hawkeye, the villain of the Marvel series, really be the Clown?

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Earlier this week, a report from The Illuminerdi said that Marvel Studios would be looking for a 20-30 year old Eastern European actor for Hawkeye, the series that will feature Jeremy Renner's Avenger, and many they had casting is associated with a particular villain.

The description would indeed match with Kazimierz Kazimierczak aka The Clown, central figure of the famous comic series by Matt Franction and David Aya, and according to what reported in these hours by MCU Cosmic the character will actually have a role in the Disney + show.

I study he would already have a name in mind for the part, also because Hawkeye will be one of the next Marvel / Disney + series to go into production together with Ms. Marvel, but the site has decided not to mention the actor as he would still be far from being officially hired.

Again with regards to the cast, Hailee Steinfeld's announcement as Kate Bishop seems close: the actress has long been Kevin Feige's first choice for the role, and according to several reports she would have finally signed up to participate in the series. However, neither Disney nor the Hollywood trades have yet expressed their views after last year's advances.

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