why hasn’t Netflix announced the new season yet?

One of the surprises of this television season was undoubtedly the huge success of The Umbrella Academy 2, recently released on Netflix, but able to earn in a few weeks a growing pool of spectators interested in discovering the new adventures of the family Hargreeves, who were not disappointed.

Given the popularity of the show it seemed obvious to us a renewal in record time for the series created by Steve Blackman e Jeremy Slater, yet at the moment there have not yet been official announcements from the streaming platform regarding a possible The Umbrella Academy 3. This, combined with the uncertainties of Emmy Raver-Lapman about the possible renewal of The Umbrella Academy, scared the fans. But is there really to worry about? Let’s try together to clarify.

The first season of The Umbrella Academy was released on February 15, 2019, immediately enjoying enormous success, but even in that case the second season was not announced immediately, but about two months had to pass for the official statement from Netflix which confirmed its existence and the beginning of production shortly thereafter. It took more than a year to finally see it on our screens, and we think the times could be very similar again.

With the second season released on July 31, 2020, it is very likely that even in this case it will be necessary to wait a couple of months or so, therefore, presumably, the much-needed renewal (if there will be, even if we really believe so ) will arrive around the month of October 2020. And for the release of the third season? Not until the end of 2021, if you follow the same path that the show has had so far. In recent weeks, several rumors have reported that The Umbrella Academy 3 is already in pre-production, and that showrunners are already working to write the new episodes of the series. The confirmation seems to come from none other than a document published by Directors Guild of Canada (whose link you can find in the source of the news), which reports, in the list of shows that will soon go into production in Ontario, just the third season of the series on the Hargreeves brothers. Pending releases from Netflix, we invite you to take this news with due caution, because nothing has been confirmed yet.

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What are the scenarios that you expect in an upcoming future season of The Umbrella Academy? Let us know in the comments space!


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