Why does Alicia Keys not wear makeup?

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Alicia Keys She is one of the few celebrities who dares to go out to events without makeup. And, a few years ago the singer decided to stop using it so as not to hide.

When in 2016 he appeared in different places without a drop of makeup, the entertainment world was shocked. Shortly after he explained that he felt that all those shadows, blushes and lipsticks were an instrument to cover up insecurities, weapons created by a society that forces women to always be perfect.

The singer came to confess that when they talked about her they always criticized her because she did not act more feminine, in addition they often claimed that she was gay because of her way of dressing.

It was until a photographer made her think; She didn't care that Keys had just left the gym, told her he had to photograph her right there to capture her essence. From that moment he decided not to hide under makeup again.

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