Why did Dabi have that reaction in My Hero Academia 267?

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During the course of My Hero Academia, both manga and anime, we got to see many characters outlined by Kohei Horikoshi. The most bizarre are undoubtedly found on the villain front, with the Union of Tomura Shigaraki which brought together the strangest. However, some of these are particularly dangerous.

In chapter 267 of My Hero Academia, one of these members of the Villain Union has confirmed once again how much to fear. Dabi witnessed the killing of Twice at the hands of Hawks, claiming to be sad and angry about what happened. The shot given by Horikoshi, however, shows us a cheerful, almost ecstatic Dabi for what has just happened and Hawks cannot fail to remark it.

Dabi then reveals that he is the one Hawks had to keep an eye on, more than Twice and Shigaraki. His reaction is certainly unexpected, as he also reveals his name to Hawks even though the mangaka has decided not to reveal it to the public yet. This ability to obtain information plus the high power of its flames once again confirms the danger of Dabi who, with the aura of mystery around him, could really be anyone. His murderous intent, however, is temporarily stopped by Tokoyami at the end of the chapter of My Hero Academia.

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As you see Dabi in My Hero Academia in the near future? Will Tokoyami manage to make him escape or will we have to witness the death of the heroes at the hands of the blue flames?

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