Why could the unpublished events presented in the anime of Boruto be a problem?

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Boruto: Naruto Next Generation has been around for several years now. After the end of Naruto, the manga began in 2016, while the television series in 2017, but for those who have had the opportunity to follow them both in these years, will know well that the anime, for more than a year, has carried on a story completely unpublished not connected to the manga at all.

While the saga of Bandits Mujina, in the paper counterpart came immediately after the battle against Momoshiki, first presented in Boruto movie, it was not the same for the anime which, instead, brought on stage a series of unpublished events and sagas, even quite long which, to date, could create some problems in reconnecting to the plot again followed by the manga and above all to the history that revolves around the Karma, the seal that Momoshiki left on Boruto's palm.

With the latest events of the manga that has deepened even more some aspects of the mystery that revolves around Karma and the anime that is finally starting to follow in the footsteps traced by the paper counterpart, some aspects that could create some problem.

Following the manga we know very well that, from the beginning, the whole story, every step that has been taken, revolved around the seal that Boruto he received and to the mystery that was hiding behind. After the saga of Momoshiki there was that of the Bandits Mujina which served only to give the public the first signs of what Karma would represent. So, if in the paper part the plot turned out to be fluid, coherent and well outlined, the same cannot be said in the anime. Since with all the unpublished sagas added between the death of Momoshiki and the arrival of the Bandits Mujina there are some aspects of Karma that they sound out of tune and that, from here on, would also seem untruthful.

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If you follow the manga, then you know very well that Karma and its power activated several times when Boruto found himself in danger, immediately outlining a framework of interest focused precisely on this seal. In the anime, however, from Momoshiki's death to the episodes that will now air and that will follow the manga, Karma has not spoken at all, as if it never existed. So already it seems strange that with all the enemies that Boruto has faced in the anime Karma has never manifested, even stranger it will seem as soon as the series, following the manga, will begin to speak more insistently by pulling it out right in decisive battles.

So now there are two ways for producers to follow. Or try to find an excuse for why the seal didn't work never manifested previously, or pretend nothing is happening, pointing out that many of the fans are aware of how the previous episodes were unpublished and did not follow the original story traced by the manga.

What do you think about it? In your opinion, could this lack prove to be a problem, or not? Let us know below in the comments.

Strong demonstration of confidence in the last episode of Boruto: Naruto Next Generations.

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