Who shot first? Disney + returns to change the scene of Han Solo and Greedo in Episode IV of Star Wars

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It seems that the controversy over who shot first between Greedo and Han Solo in 'Star Wars. Episode IV: A New Hope 'had not been enough. The scene in question had already changed up to three times and now Disney + has introduced another one in the assembly that users of this streaming platform can see.

A scene with too many versions

He has been the comedian and screenwriter Eric Fell He who has drawn attention to this new alteration. The change is quite curious, since Greedo now shouts 'Maclunkey!' shortly before dying for the shot of Han Solo. Now it would be nice for someone to explain what they were looking for exactly with this …

Recall that Han Solo was the only one who shot in the version released initially in theaters, but George Lucas it altered that moment in the special edition launched in 1997. There Greedo shot first, failed and then Han Solo ended him. Fans of the saga did not take it too well and since then it has tried to clarify that moment.

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In the assembly of 2004 on the occasion of the DVD release of the film, a Solomonic solution was chosen: The two shot at the same time, but only Han's shot reached its goal. Seven years later the blu-ray tape was edited, removing some frames from the scene in question, which added some more ambiguity at the moment.

Will the fourth time be the charm or will we soon see another version of it? If they simply had to have let Han be the only one who fired as much as that might give certain negative traits to the character played by Harrison Ford

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