Who is the oldest daughter of Rosie Rivera?

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In the year 2003, Rosie Rivera he had his daughter, Kassey Rivera With your first marriage. Later, after going through hard times, she found peace with who her husband is now, Abel Flores. His eldest daughter, has proven to follow in the footsteps of his famous family at only 16 years.

The young woman in her social networks shows photographs of her family life, next to her father, who despite not being with Rosie, has proven to be a good figure for her daughter.

Although he has not dabbled in the show, there is no doubt that talent runs through his family's veins. In a video she shared on her social network, the teenager showed that she can sing as well as her famous aunt, Jenni Rivera.

His parents have gone through bad times, but fortunately they have managed to forget and forgive. Only last year they celebrated together the 15 years of the girl, a dream that Kassey had had for a long time and that came true.

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On that occasion they traveled together to Paris, Kassey was 8 years old when she asked her mother to make a trip all together. Currently the families of both Rosie and Kassey's father get along and have had no problems.

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