Who is the new character of 'The Walking Dead 10×14'?

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Episode fourteen of 'The Walking Dead' has shown us a Negan redeemed by making good friends with Daryl, to a Beta willing to end all the survivors with the new horde of walkers he leads and, most interesting and fun of all, he has introduced us to a new member. Who the hell is that armed, feather-fouled aunt who startles Eugene and company at the end of the episode?

No, it's not Stephanie, the voice with which Eugene has fallen in love via radio and with whom he will meet accompanied by Yumiko and Ezekiel. He is someone else, quite histrionic who's been spending time in a Atlanta devastated designing daily life scenarios with zombies, like a delivery man. And although in this episode, 'Look at the flowers' has not given time to say his name, we know who he is thanks to the comics.

Baptized in the Robert Kirkman story as "The princess"although his real name is Juanita SánchezThis character had spent a year wandering alone in the ghost town. Meeting Eugene and company, he is allowed to join the group in his search for Stephanie, who is allegedly part of the Commonwealth.

The comic presents us with a character with a painful story behind child abuse and a gregarious personality. When her mother remarries her new stepfather and stepbrother will dedicate themselves to making her life impossible by taking turns hitting her, locking her in a closet … without her mother protecting her. And then the apocalypse came, with a new world to live in alone and be happy.

Interpreted by Paola Lazaro, it is not known what her role in the series will be, since the story is quite distant from the comic, although it is true that it is Eugene who takes her with the others (in the comics it is Alexandria), something that we will see here later that soon reflected at some point when they return to base camp. But it does seem that his character will be respected. As the showrunner Angela Kang revealed to Entertainment Weekly "He is a very funny character, a person who has become trapped in this city and has forged his own path in life to try to deal with everything that happened to him. I will say that he is obviously in a kind of confrontation with our people, but we will learn much more about it in the next episode. It becomes a catalyst important of some of the things to come. "

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