who is Cobb Vanth, the new character played by Timothy Olyphant?

To the delight of all Star Wars fans, The Mandalorian is finally back on Disney +, with a new episode that has allowed us to find the main characters and get to know some new face, well hidden under a Mandalorian helmet.

We are obviously talking about Cobb Vanth and his appearance in Boba Fett’s clothes it will have made more than a few spectators jump. But soon the sheriff played by Timothy Olyphant takes off his helmet and we discover that he has obtained the precious armor in circumstances that do not have to do directly with Fett. Thanks to a flashback, we learn that it is only after escaping from an assault on Moss Pelgo that Cobb came into possession, received in exchange for a camtone of precious crystals, particularly fascinating for the mischievous Jawas.

Back in the small town on Tatooine, he restored order and earned the title of sheriff. In reality, the name of Cobb Vanth does not sound new to fans of the galaxy far, far away, since the character was introduced in novels Aftermath, scritti da Chuck Wendig. Here he was described as the Sheriff of Freetown, a small settlement on Tatooine.

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The books don’t explain much else about his origins, other than that he got Fett’s armor after the Jawas got it. found among the remains of the Jabba the Hutt barge. Apart from a few details, Jon Favreau and associates have faithfully adapted the character and otherwise the series seems to have closed its story well with the armor, now that it has been delivered into the hands of Mando, but it is likely that Vanth will return in the future. , judging by the wish that the two exchange in the finale.

It will not be the only new entry of the second season, considering the recent confirmation of Rosario Dawson as Ahsoka Tano and the arrival of Sasha Banks as a still unknown character. If you haven’t done so yet, we recommend reading our review of The Mandalorian Chapter 9.


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