who are the 5 best demons of the series?

For the past fifteen years, Supernatural’s Sam and Dean Winchester have kept humans safe from all the scary things that happen overnight. One of the most convincing and coherent things about those scary things was the demons.

Appearing as early as Season 1, the demons were responsible for some of the show’s most intriguing storylines. It is therefore worth remembering the best demons that fans surely remember with pleasure:

  1. Belphegor: by all accounts, Belphegor shouldn’t have been such a nice character. While at first he pretended to be an ally, not only did he dwell in Jack’s newly dead body, but eventually betrayed the Winchesters and Castiel to conquer Hell. However, his sarcasm, humor, and energetic wit provided much-needed relief from the intensity of Chuck’s end-of-the-world plans. So while he obviously had to be stopped by Castiel, many fans wouldn’t have cared if he stayed a little bit longer.
  2. Jesse: Jesse Turner was a half human and half demon who appeared in the fifth season. Conceived while his mother was possessed by a demon, he was believed to be the Anti-Christ. Unbeknownst to her, she was wreaking havoc in her town thanks to her childhood beliefs. Upon discovering the truth and for fear of being used as a pawn by angels and demons, Jesse disappeared and was never seen again. Fans had a lot of sympathy for the powerful young boy as he just wanted to live a peaceful and happy life with his adoptive parents. Over the years, fans have speculated on where he is and are hoping for his return.
  3. Ruby: Long before fans knew Ruby as the demon who manipulated Sam to free Lucifer, the opening Ruby was a fan favorite in Season 3. Strong, capable and stubborn, she has become one of the most interesting characters of the season. From her past history as a 14th-century witch, her incredible fighting skills to her supposed humanity, she seemed like an intriguing new ally for the Winchesters. She even went as far as helping Bobby fix the Colt. At the time, there was really a lot to like about Ruby and it’s no wonder fans were thrilled.
  4. Meg: she was one of the strongest enemies of the first season. Yet in season seven she became one of the Winchesters’ most loyal allies and sacrificed herself to keep the Angel Tablet safe in season eight. In particular, fans loved her relationship with Castiel. Unusually for a demon, he seemed to care deeply and strongly about the angel. She even took care of him when he got Amnesia in Season 7. Though it was short, fans were delighted to see her return in the fifteenth season episode “Destiney’s Child”.
  5. Crowley: has always been a fan favorite. As the Winchesters’ primary ally, Crowley has aided the brothers in some of their toughest trials. More heroically, he sacrificed his life to trap Lucifer in the Season 12 finale. The sarcastic King of Hell was always fun to watch and knew exactly which buttons to press to anger the rest of the team. Fans have been devastated by his death and are hoping he will make one last appearance before the show ends.
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