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According to Deadline, the True Lies television series, which was based on filmmaker James Cameron’s 1994 smash action comedy of the same name, has set a release date for this year. CBS first gave the series a pilot order in February of last year, but more development caused a delay.

The creators are director Anthony Hemingway and showrunner Matt Nix, who also penned the pilot screenplay. Executive producer James Cameron also contributed. In an ensemble cast, Steve Howey and Ginger Gonzaga play the series’ two main characters.

The True Lies series will center on its principal pair, much like its inspiration, the 1994 blockbuster starring Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jamie Lee Curtis as a married couple who require marital renewal.

Since her husband, a computer consultant, is often away, language professor Helen (Gonzaga) is dissatisfied with her daily routine and humdrum existence. She quickly learns that her husband Harry (Howey) is an overseas snitch working for the American intelligence outfit Omega Sector.

True Lies

Training Day and Rush Hour are two examples of the several TV programs that CBS has created over the last ten years that are based on motion pictures, and True Lies will carry on that legacy.

With a fresh take on one of the greatest action films ever made, the forthcoming CBS TV series will see a new cast of actors bring to life those unforgettable characters from James Cameron’s 1994 blockbuster of the same name, which starred Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jamie Lee Curtis.

We’re about to go over everything we currently know about True Lies, including its release date, cast, and exactly what it will and won’t have in common with the movie it is based on. If this is the first you’ve heard concerning one of the most thrilling shows set to debut during the early part of the 2023 TV schedule, don’t worry.

True Lies Plot

The primary pair will be the focus of the True Lies series, much like its inspiration, the 1994 classic film starring Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jamie Lee Curtis as a married couple who require marital renewal. In the movie, Schwarzenegger portrayed Harry Tasker, an American agent who was mistaken by his family for a drab computer salesman. Harry’s wife Helen was portrayed by Jamie Lee Curtis.

A fast version of James Cameron’s Oscar-winning big-screen classic, True Lies on CBS tells the story of an ordinary suburban housewife who learns that her ordinary computer consultant husband has an extraordinary dual life as an international spy. Helen is forced to assist Harry on his missions once this horrifying truth is revealed, putting Helen, Harry, and their children in great danger.

The Tasker’s marriage is shaken up by the anything-but-unremarkable experience that follows, which also rattles up the global spy community.

According to Deadline, McG has had a long-standing desire for bringing True Lies to television. He began working on the concept in 2016, not long after agreeing to an overall contract with 20th TV, whose sibling feature company was responsible for the film’s production.

The next year, Fox purchased a placed pilot commitment for a TV series relaunch with Marc Guggenheim as the writer. Despite not progressing beyond the writing stage, McG persisted in his attempts. He said that a True Lies TV series may yet materialize in a 2019 interview, potentially at Disney+.

For Disney+’s Turner & Hooch revival, which was devised and executive produced by Nix, McG was chosen as the series director and executive producer last year. They got along well and collaborated on True Lies. Their idea was accepted by CBS last autumn.

The cast and crew of True Lies

While maintaining the same main characters, the television show will modernize the original narrative. Arnold Schwarzenegger, who played Harry Tasker in the original, will be replaced by shameless actor Steve Howey. So it seems that Arnold won’t… return. In She-Hulk: Attorney at Law, Ginger Gonzaga plays Helen Tasker, Harry’s wife. Jamie Lee Curtis portrayed Helen in the original.

Albert “Gib” Gibson, a member of Harry’s staff who was initially portrayed by Tom Arnold in the movie, is being performed by actor Omar Miller. In disguise, Mike O’Gorman is taking on the role of Luther, another one of Harry’s associates.

Another new character, Maria, an operative working with Harry, will be played by Erica Hernandez. Dana, the daughter of the Taskers, is portrayed by Annabella Didion (Eliza Dushku in the film). They also had a son this time, Jake, who is portrayed by the actor Lucas Jaye.

Carlo Rota as Francois, Andy Martin as Mikkel Rand, Andrea Liang as Cherry, Deneen Tyler as Mrs. Myers, Liann Pattison as Donna, Ray Gaspard as Lawrence, Franco Castan as a cabbie, Christian Juru as a valet, John Jabaley as Fred, Jenny Mercein as Professor Gilpin, and Jeremy Dean as a construction worker are among the additional cast members. Even Beverly D’Angelo, who plays Trilby, the director of Harry’s agency, is included on the cast roster.

Author and executive producer Matt Nix works with Flying Glass of Milk Productions. The pilot was directed by Anthony Hemingway, who also serves as executive producer for Anthony Hemingway Productions.

The original movie’s director, James Cameron, Rae Sanchini of Lightstorm Entertainment, McG, Mary Viola, and Corey Marsh of Wonderland Sound and Vision, as well as Josh Levy of Flying Glass of Milk, are all executive producers. Co-executive producers include Anthony Hemingway Productions’ Sean Hoagland and Whitney Davis. The studio is called 20th Television.

True Lies Release Date

According to the network, the True Lies TV series will debut on CBS on March 1, 2023. The program’s broadcast premiere was initially planned for a day or two earlier, on February 23, 2023, but it has subsequently been postponed by a week.

Where can I watch True Lies?

Anyone with a typical pay-TV subscription may watch the True Lies TV series live on their local CBS station since it airs on the CBS network. Several live TV streaming providers, such as FuboTV, Hulu with Live TV, and YouTube TV, also offer CBS.

Additionally, US Paramount Plus users get access to the program’s live stream on their local CBS station (only available if you are a Paramount Plus Premium subscriber). All Paramount Plus users get access to the most recent episodes the day after they broadcast.

True Lies Episodes

IMDb reports that the first series will consist of around 13 episodes, each of which will last between 35 and 45 minutes. In addition hand, we’d also want to emphasize that it’s impossible to guarantee the precise episode names and synopses.

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