Where is Kattegat of Vikings? Let’s find out together!

Fans are looking for news every day, but the official release date for the second part of the sixth season of Vikings has not yet been announced. Although by now there should be less and less time, the only thing we have to do is wait to find out when we will be able to witness the conclusion of the events of Bjorn the Armor.

To get better prepared for the ending of the story, which will take us towards the next spin-off Vikings: Valhalla, we have started on our pages a series of useful insights to better explore the show, such as all the historical inconsistencies present. in Vikings. Today, however, we want to return to talk about the set, and specifically, one of the most iconic locations of the series, that is Kattegat. Where is it? Is it possible to visit it? Let’s find out together.

In Vikings, Kattegat is the name of the capital of the kingdom of the same name, whose king currently is Bjorn the Armor (Alexander Ludwig). In the show, the village is located on the shores of southern Norway, and has always been one of the key locations for the plot. The thing that may surprise you, however, is that although the series very often refers to historically attested facts and places, Kattegat it doesn’t actually refer to a real place, but its name is given to a strait that lies between Sweden, Denmark and Norway. Traveling through the town by sea you can reach the Baltic Sea, and connects to the far more impressive North Sea.

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The name Kattegat comes from a Dutch word whose literal translation could be “cat hole“, O “cat’s throat“. A name certainly that could not have the place: some historical sources ascertain how the strait could be called, in the Viking era Jotlandshaf (lit.”Jutland Sea“, due to its proximity to the Danish peninsula).

What may be even more surprising is that in the TV series the scenes “set” a Kattegat were not shot in the strait mentioned above, but in northern Ireland, in the county of Wicklow. In the Irish location it is possible to take some tours, lasting half a day, to discover the sets of the series, and to be able to identify with your favorite heroes.

And you knew the history of the location of Kattegat, and where was he really? Let us know with a comment in the dedicated space!


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