‘When I heard about that twist, I went crazy!’

The actors of a show are not always the first to become aware of certain implications of the plot: the case of Claudia Doumit is emblematic, with the actress who was informed only at the last moment of one of the most sensational twists of the second season of The Boys.

The incredible plot-twist we are talking about is, as many of you have guessed, the one concerning its own Victoria Neuman: the discovery that the woman was hiding superpowers shocked her own interpreter, who told her reaction once she received the script of the incriminated episode.

No. No, I had no idea. I was unaware of everything. I thought she was just a senator who came to screw things up and take Vought down. Then I see Eric [Kripke] come to me on set and go, ‘Great things are coming for Neuman, great stuff’ and I’m like, ‘Ok. Great things for Neuman ‘and he:’ Yes, there is this scene where he gives this speech ‘. And I was like: ‘Ok, nice. Bello’“said Doumit.

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The actress then continued: “I was like, ‘I don’t understand how this stuff can measure up to the rest of the things that happened this season.’ Then they gave me the script of the sixth episode, I read it and: ‘Oh, it blows heads. IS a c ** or super! Oh my God, yes! ‘ I was so excited, I really lost my mind“.

Claudia Doumit herself kept her secret hidden from another The Boys star until the episode was seen; recently, meanwhile, the creator of The Boys has had his say on Marvel movies, calling them dangerous.


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