When does the new Zerocalcare comic come out? The news on “A Babbo Morto”

Zerocalcare is one of the most talented and famous authors of the Italian comic scene. Over the past decade he has put several stories on paper that have become very popular and highly regarded. In recent months he has tried his hand at Skeletons of which you can read the review. But soon another work will follow, “To Dead Santa”.

After conquering the charts in October, Zerocalcare could repeat itself in November thanks to its new story. “A Babbo Morto” will be available in the comic store on November 12, 2020 thanks to Bao Publishing. At the same time, an audio version of the comic, created by Storytel, will also be on sale.

Combining the classic world of Santa Claus with today’s reality, Zerocalcare makes another story of satire and denunciation. In “A Babbo Morto” we will see the family business run by Son Natale and Figlia Natale. The two inherited everything after the death of Santa Claus and must deal with the advancing globalization and with the protests of elves and gnomes. And of course the Befana does not fail to make an appearance, struggling with difficulties caused by the riders without contracts and protections.

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A reference to the GIG Economy that advances with drawings and screenplay by Zerocalcare, while the colors are represented by Alberto Madrigal for the comic version. For the audio one, on the other hand, besides the narrative voice of the original author, we will listen to the contribution by Neri Marcorè and Caterina Guzzanti.

Inspired by the author and his works, the miniatures of Zerocalcare by Bao Publishing will be available on newsstands from October 31st.


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