When Are Pretty Little Liars Season 7 On Netflix

When Are Pretty Little Liars Season 7 On Netflix

Pretty little liars season 7 has been released on Netflix, but not in every country. If you are one of the people who is still waiting for the seventh season to hit the streaming service, then don’t worry; you’re not alone.

Many countries like New Zealand, South Africa, and Australia also have yet to receive the new season. It will likely be available around late September or early October if you live in these locations – so keep checking back!

Here are some other great shows you can watch while you wait for Pretty Little Liars Season 7 on Netflix:

1 . Riverdale (Season 1):

When a murder rocks their quaint community, the town of Riverdale investigates the case in this new series based on the characters from Archie Comics.

2 . Empire (Season 2):

The Lyons fight for control of their music empire while also maintaining a hold on their family’s legacy.

3 . How To Get Away With Murder (Season 3):

Annalise and her students try to get along after Wes’ death, but when someone threatens to expose what happened in Philadelphia, the shocking details of that fateful night are revealed.

4 . Grey’s Anatomy (Season 13):

A group of heroic doctors works together at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital to deal with personal drama and complex medical cases.  It continues to follow Meredith Grey and the team of doctors at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital.  After the surgery where Derek dies, Meredith is even more devastated when Derek’s enemy, Dr.  Richard Webber, comes back to work at the hospital.

5 . Reign (Season 3):

Mary struggles to balance her roles as Queen of Scotland and mother to Joan, who constantly reminds of Francis’ betrayal. Meanwhile, Catherine must learn how to control Lola – or risk losing everything. To make matters worse, King Henry has been gravely injured by an assassin hired by Conde, who continues his quest for vengeance against Mary and Francis.

6 . The Flash (Season 2):

Barry Allen wakes up nine months after he was struck by lightning and discovers that the bolt gave him the power of super speed. Barry becomes “The Flash” and fights crime in Central City with his new team and powers.

7 . Descendants (2015):

The teenaged sons and daughters of Disney’s most evil villains — Maleficent, the Evil Queen, Jafar, and Cruella de Vil — receive a troubling prophecy:

“You will be defeated by a hero whose heart is as pure as gold.” Determined to break the curse once and for all, they decide their destinies must change if they want to fulfill the prophecy.

They embark on an epic quest that leads them aboard a ship headed for Auradon – where they hope to find their Happily Ever Afters.  But when Mal’s true love Prince Ben rejects her, she sets in motion a plan to unleash all the villains imprisoned on the Isle of the Lost  — so they can finally have their revenge on every.

8 . Once Upon A Time (Season 5):

The residents of Storybrooke grapple with a new curse that sends them into the animated world of  Wonderland, where they must somehow defeat a false ruler and her army. Meanwhile, flashbacks reveal happier times for Emma and Hook before the Evil Queen cast the Dark Curse.

In present-day Fairy Tale Land, Snow White is called to action when Prince Charming collapses while trying to rescue his mother from Greg, an insufferable stowaway from Oz who The Queen has tasked with stealing magic wand from Glinda.

9 . The Following (Season 3):

When the FBI discovers a new lead that suggests Joe Carroll may still be alive, Ryan and Mike were assigned to track him down – but what they find is much darker than anything the FBI was prepared for.

10 . Vikings (Season 4):

The world of the Vikings is brought to life through the journey of Ragnar Lothbrok, the first Viking to emerge from Norse legend and onto the pages of history – a man on the edge of myth.  Ragnar’s struggles to survive and thrive force him to confront the customs and traditions that bind his society together.

In Season 4, Ragnar leads his people in their darkest hour.  With the promise of new land from the English, Ragnar must first fight to return home as he battles King Ecbert for control of their ancestral lands.

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