What's behind the corruption allegations that stained the Cruz Azul emblem

(Photo: Special)
(Photo: Special)

The Financial Investigation Unit (FIU) reported on the night of Thursday, May 28, 2020, that the accounts of three executives of the Blue Cross: Guillermo “Billy” Álvarez Cuevas, Alfredo Álvarez Cuevas and Víctor Manuel Garcés, for alleged money laundering and organized crime.

All three were accused of fraudulent administration and money laundering. 1.2 billion pesos in financial movements in other countries and payments to alleged shell companies. The alleged money laundering scheme appears to have involved hundreds of millions of pesos in false invoices and part of the profits were used to buy real estate in the United States, according to the director of the FIU, Santiago Nieto, in an interview with W Radio.

The revelations of an important worker at the Cruz Azul cement plant indicated that Guillermo Álvarez "Plundered" millions of pesos and hid them in United States and Spain, according to what was revealed by the newspaper The Day.

Given the need to respond with salary commitments for thousands of people during the pandemic, the FIU thawed the accounts so that Cruz Azul could pay its employees. However, the three directors of the institution continue to be investigated and with their accounts frozen.


Sergio Barradas, attorney for Blue CrossHe explained that it was not about affecting the team, but about removing the leaders of the position.

It was from April 2019 that complaints were made against the managers of the Cruz Azul Cooperative for fraudulent administration and laundering of 191 million pesos, according to the newspaper Reform.

However, Jorge Hernández, spokesman for the Cruz Azul Cooperative, assured that the complaints that led to the financial investigation against the brothers Álvarez and Garcés were made by José Antonio Marín and Víctor Velázquez, the alleged leaders of the so-called “group of dissidents” of the Cooperative, with the sole objective of "Alter the social peace of the organization".

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He also stressed that the movement was based on the presumption, more not in the accreditation of any crimeTherefore, the corresponding authorities carry out the necessary investigations to corroborate or reject the presumption.

REUTERS / Henry Romero
REUTERS / Henry Romero

"Within the instances of the law, it is appropriate to accommodate it and carry out the appropriate investigations, which is what we are seeing," he revealed to the Mexican media. "Everything will be answered and the authorities will work hand in hand to demonstrate that this accusation does not have any support., in addition to the fact that the moral and economic damage to the organization will not be unprecedented, ”he affirmed.

On the other hand, he assured that the whole issue does not only affect those involved, also all workers, because by freezing the accounts could prevent timely payment of wages, at least until the investigation is completed or the evidence is cleared.

From the technical bodies of teams, to presidents, referees and drug traffickers, they have been involved in corruption cases within the Mexican league, which despite having been canceled as a result of the coronavirus, continues to give people something to talk about and not precisely soccer.


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