What is the city that is emerging as the main candidate to host the definition of the Champions League

Sporting Lisbon's José Alvalade stadium could be the venue for the definition of the Champions League. Photo: Reuters
Sporting Lisbon's José Alvalade stadium could be the venue for the definition of the Champions League. Photo: Reuters

The coronavirus pandemic forced reprogram all the sports calendar on the planet. Suspension of activities due to the spread of the COVID-19 virus was an extreme measure based on prevention.

Therefore, the UEFA analyzes the possibility of play the semifinals and the final of the current edition of the Champions League in the city of Lisbon, capital of Portugal, as reported by the German press.

The entity will officially announce the decision on next Wednesday June 17 but from the organization they assured that the capital Lusitanian has an advantage over Moscow (Russia) and another German city that did not transcend the name, since they also ran to receive the defining parties, the newspaper explained Bild.

Before the start of the coronavirus pandemic, the final was to be held in Istanbul, Turkey, the past May 30But due to the health crisis that affected that country, UEFA declined the decision.

The most important club-level tournament in the world was suspended in the round of 16 due to the advance of the Covid-19. The teams that are already classified to the best eight phase are Atalanta (with the Argentines Alexander Papuan Gomez and José Luis Palomino), RB Leipzig, Atlético de Madrid (of Angel belt and Diego Simeone) and Paris Saint-Germain (With the presence of Ángel Di Maria, Mauro Icardi and Leandro Walls).

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The remaining four places will come from the winners of the following crosses: Barcelona (one) – Napoli (one); Juventus (0) – Lyon (one); Manchester City (2) – Real Madrid (1) and Chelsea (0) – Bayern Munich (3).

The matches for Champions League quarterfinals will be disputed (in principle and if no new modifications are made) the August 11 and 12 (one way) and the 14 and 15 of the same month (rematch).

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