What Is Optifast Diet?

What is an optifast diet:

Optifast diets are medically supervised liquid diet programs. They are intended for persons who are significantly overweight or have significant health risks related to being extremely overweight.

They are not intended as a long-term weight-loss program but should be used only under medical supervision. Optifast is currently available in Australia, New Zealand, the UK, and the USA.

The five products that make up the Optifast range are meal replacement milkshakes which can replace all of your meals for eight weeks if desired.

This has led some critics to say that these products should never be seen as ‘diet drinks’ like SlimFast because it isn’t just replacing one or two meals – it’s replacing all! However, there is no reason you wouldn’t be able to use Optifast products as part of a diet plan, replacing one or two meals per day alongside regular healthy meals.

Each product has different calorie values. The milkshakes range from 200 calls Shake (Chocolate) to 330 callsilla (Van Shake). The chocolate drink powder also has 200 calories per serving, and the vanilla variety is double that at 400 calories. Each packet makes up four servings, so they are pretty low-calorie in general terms. However, it is essential not to overdo things with more than the recommended allowance.

The good thing about using products like these is that they are designed for ease of use – unlike SlimFast, which can make quite messy! The Optifast products come in powder form, which you mix with water, shake, and drink.

As well as the milkshakes, there are low-calorie soups available to use as part of your plan. Each one is just 60 calories per serving, so they are not only filling but won’t break the bank nutritionally either! All you have to do is pour hot water into a cup, stir in the soup powder, cover for five minutes then it’s ready to eat. As soon as you finish this meal, you need to wait two hours before having another (24 hours between Optifast product servings).

One important thing to note about using these products is that they aren’t always recommended for pregnant women or people who have diabetes – you should always check with your doctor before embarking on a plan like this to make sure it is suitable for you.

Optifast diet plan level 1:

optifast diet plan level 1 is a liquid diet, consisting of 3 Optifast drink products and 1 Optifast meal for weight loss. This program aims to help you lose up to 15 pounds in one month. If you want fast results, optifast diet plan level 1 may be an ideal fit.

It’s part of the Optifast weight loss program, medically regulated and monitored. During this program’s optifast diet plan level 1 phase, you will consume 800 calories in all three drinks and one meal per day. The liquids include the Optifast products and fresh vegetable juice or tomato juice.

In addition to providing valuable nutrients for your body, these drinks also deliver a specific amount of energy to help curb hunger cravings during the day. There are no dietary restrictions on foods allowed on this program; however, keep in mind that if you choose healthier options such as fruits and vegetables, they will have a greater impact on your daily calorie intake.

You can also try adding some fruits and seeds to your Optifast shake for some extra flavor and nutrients.

Keep in mind that carbohydrates and protein will impact your blood sugar level, so they should be monitored as well on this program. Depending on which of the 3 Optifast products you choose to consume daily, you’ll take in between 22g-32g of both carbohydrates and protein per day.

Optifast diet plan level 2:

The second phase of the Optifast weight loss program is optifast diet plan level 2, which includes liquids with real food. The number of calories rises to 1,000 per day during this stage – consisting of 4 Optifast drink products and two satisfying snacks or meals made up from a selection of real food.

On day 1, you’ll start with a Vanilla and Chocolate version of the Optifast meal replacement packet for breakfast and lunch. This will give your taste buds a rest from juices and shakes for one day so they can enjoy some variety in their diet.

You will move to an alternating Day 1-2 schedule on the following days – as was done in Phase 1 of the Optifast weight loss program. On both Day 1 and 2, you will also receive two cans of vegetables or fruits per day – with each containing around 80 calories.

Optifast diet plan level 3:

Phase 3 is similar to the optifast diet plan level 2 (800-1,000 calorie per day diets) and includes a wider variety of food types, including bread and grains. This stage is meant to help you transition into a more “normal” eating pattern that can be sustained after your weight loss goals have been met.

Like optifast diet plan level 1, this program contains the Optifast drink products and natural food snacks or meals for a total of about 800-1,000 calories per day. The number of drinks and foods you receive during each phase may vary slightly depending on which options you choose;

however, the daily totals remain the same. You’ll also continue with an alternating Day 1-2 schedule from Phase 2 one Vanilla and Chocolate Optifast meal replacement packet per day plus two cans of vegetables and fruits containing around 80 calories each.

After completing the 3 phases, you can continue to follow an Eating Maintenance Program tailored to your specific caloric needs and weight management goals for up to 12 weeks.

Outlined meal plans will be designed by a registered dietitian who determines which foods are included in your program based on your personal preferences. If you still have more weight to lose beyond Phase 4, the Optifast medical team may prescribe another course of treatment with optifast diet plan level 1 or optifast diet plan level 2.


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