What Happens At The End Of Dark Desire Season 2?

Dark Desire Season 2

What Happens At The End Of Dark Desire Season 2?

Seems like the story has taken a whole 180° turn. You may recall Esteban declaring in the first installment’s season finale that he had accomplished everything.

The tale takes place after Esteban and Dario’s conversation in New York, and we learn that Esteban initially assigned Dario to see Alma for a $50,000 bribe.

Esteban was also sentenced to prison, but according to directives from higher authorities, he was released only three months later.

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Meanwhile, he has survived a church shooting using the bible as a shield, which has taught him to revere God. Alma, like Esteban, has given up cigarettes and alcohol.

In this last season of Dark Desire, Maite Perroni’s Alma Solares is the ultimate game-changer. While she was an addict to Darrio’s charm in the first season, she now uses it as a driving force in season two.

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Despite Dark Desire’s efforts, the truth about Brenda’s death is shockingly simple: she committed suicide shortly after Alma left her home.

The cops were absolutely accurate. As a result, all of Dark Desire’s central love pentagon’s awful secrets — including adultery, cover-ups, and criminal cooperation — never really needed to be revealed, as they are throughout Alma’s tenacious search for her friend’s killer.

Alma eventually realizes that Dario is the murderer. Dario’s lies are rapidly becoming clear at this time. The doppelganger story begins to show flaws and fractures, as manipulative as he is.

Dario eventually explains to Alma that he made up the twin brother to escape Lys. He’s also taken money out of his Andorra account because he believes Lys will defraud him.

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However, in the final minutes, Lys confesses to Alma that Dario had taken her money. She also admits that Dario forced her to kill Alberto, and she advises Alma to form the demon while she still has the chance.

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A second Dario or a twin has never been there. The entire twin narrative was concocted by the actual Dario in order to keep his money safe.

Dario basically claimed that if everyone was so fixated on discovering a duplicate of himself, the genuine one might simply hide his fortune in Bitcoin and live in relative peace.

No, that explanation isn’t persuasive. Faking a twin when you’ve committed a murder, on the other hand, does.

When Dario is cornered, he finally displays his true colors. He pinned Alma to the ground and injured her. Thankfully, Esteban arrives early enough to take out Dario. Is Dario going to make it through the bullet wound? He appears to have done so and is now in a hospital.

Alma brings a balloon, similar to the one Dario brought to Alma’s first anniversary. Dario’s hands are still cuffed, even though the balloon has a middle finger drawn on it.

While it appears that Lys will not be released, Dario will be imprisoned. You’re curious as to what happens to Dario’s money. Maybe Inigo has something to do with it, but nothing can make up for the loss of his daughter.


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