What happened to Yu-Gi-Oh Abridged? The answer comes directly from its creator

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Among the many practices that have been forming over these long years thanks to the arrival of the Internet within the anime industry, one of the most famous and appreciated by fans is that of the so-called "abridging", or taking popular anime series and duplicate them to completely change the sense of the work.

As you may know, not long ago it was announced that Dragon Ball Z Abridged, after twelve years of activity and millions of fans accumulated, had officially come to its conclusion, a piece of news that made a lot of talk and that led many to worry that a similar fate could have affected the equally famous Yu-Gi-Oh! Abridged – a franchise that fans still carry in their hearts today – which they haven't actually heard of for a while.

Fortunately for the public, however, LittleKuriboh (the artist who produces Yu-Gi-Oh! Abridged) recently released some updates on the series officially confirming that the next season of the opera is currently under development, with the script that seems to be completely completed. The news came directly from LittleKuriboh's Twitter account, where the man made it known that the series is "alive and well". In short, we can all breathe a long sigh of relief in the awareness that the work will soon be enriched with many new episodes.

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Before greeting you, we remind all the fans that in the past few months Yu-Gi-Oh had returned to be talked about due to various controversies about the dubbing work brought to light for the opera, discussions that do not seem to have still off.

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