What happened to the young Clark Kent of Smallville?

One of the early 2000s phenomenon series, Smallville stunned everyone with a charity reunion over the past few months, making fans dream of a possible return to the series. Tom Welling, actor who plays Clark Kent on the show, is one of the icons of the period between 2001 and 2011. But what happened to him? Let’s find out together.

The actor born in 1977, shortly before the limelight with the series Smallville he had appeared in a few episodes of the Judge Amy series, where he starred in six episodes. The fame, however, comes with the release of the show about the adventures that led to the young man Kal-El to become the Man of Steel, allowing him to stay on the crest of the wave for eleven years, from 2001 to 2011.

At the same time as the DC TV series which earned him the victory of a Teen’s Choice Award, Welling participates in several films, including the two films of A Unleashed Dozen and the thriller / horror The Fog. After Smallville’s demise, the actor’s career continued, taking part in the films Parkland, Draft Day and The Choice, an award-winning film. Golden Trailer.

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But it is in the world of television that Welling finds his ideal dimension, and continues to be successful, as evidenced by his important role in the popular TV series. Lucifer: Despite being part of the DC universe, in this iteration of the comic he doesn’t play Clark Kent, but Marcus Pierce, who turns out to be none other than Cain.

However, later came the return as Clark: in fact Tom Welling played the young Superman in the crossover of The CW Crisis on Infinite Earths, albeit for a short time. But, since its existence is therefore confirmed in theArrowverse, who knows that it may sooner or later appear again.

The last project that saw him as protagonist was the TV series Professionals, remake of the film Soldiers of Fortune, released in the United States in August 2020, and in which Tom Welling plays the role of one of the protagonists, Vincent Corbo. In Italy the series is still unpublished.

Did you know the new projects starring Tom Welling? In the future, you would like to see him take on the role of Clark Kent? Let us know in the comments space!


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