What Features Of Erin’s Diet Would Explain Why She Has Been Sick More Than Usual?

What Would Features Of Erin’s Diet Explain Why She Has Been Sick More Than Usual?

–  Erin ate at a new restaurant where she was served undercooked meat.

–  Erin didn’t cook her vegetables well enough.

– Erin consumed raw seafood while on vacation in Mexico.

– Erin did not consume enough calories or nutrients after returning from a trip to Mexico.

The correct answer is C. Erin consumed raw seafood while on vacation in Mexico. When she returned home, she did not consume enough calories or nutrients, which can lead to sickness due to the body being undernourished and depleted of vitamins and minerals needed to fight off outside bacteria or viruses, such as food poisoning contracted by eating contaminated seafood during travel abroad (Mexico).

The other options are all possible causes of food poisoning but are not why she has been sick more than usual. There is also an option that says her vegetables weren’t cooked well enough. This would be a less likely cause to why she has been sick because it implies there was some other kind of corruption in the meat she ate at this new restaurant which caused her illness.

Which of the following is not a characteristic of the Mediterranean diet:

a) high consumption of legumes and unrefined cereals

b) low consumption of refined sugars

c) vegetables, fruits, dairy products, and red wine are the diet’s main components.

d) moderate to high consumption of fish and seafood

e) all above are true

The correct answer is:

Italy has a Mediterranean Diet, but it isn’t a significant seafood consumer. Other countries with a Mediterranean Diet include Spain, France, Greece, etc.

The action of hydrochloric acid in the stomach on protein results in:

a) polypeptides and amino acids

b) peptones and free amino acids

c) proteases and peptides

d) complex carbohydrates

e) all above is correct

The correct answer is:

– it is always good to look at the words that hold the key to the answer in question stems like these, where you can see “results in,” which implies that either enzymes or gastric juices will be acting on some substance.

On average, an ounce of a protein food delivers how many grams of protein?

a) Approximately 7-8g

b) Approximately 9-10g

c) Approximately 11-13g

d) approximately 14-15g e) approximately 16-19g

e) approximately 16-19 grams. An ounce of protein food is ~28 grams = 0.9 ounces

The opposite of polysyllabic words are:

a) monosyllabic words

b) short words

c) unsimplified words

d) long words

e) all above is correct

Which of the following elements is found in certain amino acids:

a) hydrogen

b) oxygen c

) nitrogen

d) carbon

e) sulfur


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