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What did the first actress Evita Muñoz Chachita die of?

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One of the actresses who fell in love with the Golden Age of Mexican cinema without a doubt was Evita Muñoz, better known as Chachita, who brought the audience from laughter to tears, as she participated in great films by big stars like Pedro Infante and Jorge Negrete among others.

Three years after his death his fans are still wondering what Muñoz really died from, who entered a hospital in Mexico City in August 2016 for a pneumonia picture.

According to several means of entertainment, Chachita's health was complicated by gallbladder surgery which apparently was complicated, because she suffered a respiratory arrest which ended her life and turned off one of the few remaining actresses of the Golden Cinema in Mexico.

Some of Chachita's films The daughter of the clown, I sell black eyes, but the film that consecrated her on the big screen was undoubtedly We the poor and You the rich where he had his legendary nickname Chachita in the artistic world.

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To date, Chachita fans continue to remember her with her best roles, as she was a national actress due to her extensive career.

"May you rest in peace, you were a great actress, my condolences to your whole family will remind you a lot", "Chachita, the unforgettable performer of Mexican films of the 50s, making a match with the pichi. Great actress," wrote the Internet users.

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