what books to read if you have seen the Netflix series

The Haunting of Bly Manor is one of the series of the moment, and confirms the great period that the Netflix platform is experiencing, after several dark and difficult months, also due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The horror series that sees among its protagonists one of the rising stars of TV like Victoria Pedretti, turned out to be a success.

After The Haunting of Bly Manor received wide critical acclaim on Rotten Tomatoes, in fact, the series is stable in the ranking of the most viewed products on Netflix. Today we will explore the origins that are the basis of the series, in this case the literary ones.

Bly Manor is part of an anthological series produced by Netflix under the name of The Haunting, and is the sequel (despite being totally unrelated) to The Haunting of Hill House. Not everyone knows that both series are free adaptations of different literary works, belonging to the genre of gothic and horror.

If you loved the two seasons of the series, we can only recommend you The Hill House nightmare, from which the first cycle of episodes draws inspiration, written in 1959 by the American author Shirley Jackson, and which came out in Italy with its first edition in 1979. Considered one of the best Gothic novels of the 20th century, the book tells the story of Eleanor Vance, a young girl who as a child had a meeting with a poltergeist and who, after the death of her mother, is invited by the anthropologist John Montague to spend the summer in Hill House, a house that is supposed to be haunted, as Professor Montague believes that the presence of a psychic can better manifest supernatural presences in the house.

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The second season, however, is the adaptation of a masterpiece and progenitor of English literature, that is The Turn of the screw of the immortal American naturalized English writer Henry James. The novel tells the story of a governess (told by a friend of the book’s narrator, named Douglas), who took custody of the two nephews of a wealthy businessman, in the country estate a Bly, nell’Essex. The two children are Miles e Flora and the governess, with time, will begin to understand that her task will be much more difficult and obscure, and will foresee disturbing presences on the estate.

While the showrunner of the Haunting series talked about the future of the show, we remind you that, if you enjoyed it, here you can find our review of The Haunting of Bly Manor.

You knew the books from which the series Haunting drew inspiration? Have you read them? Do you have any other gothic and horror reading tips for us? Leave a comment in the dedicated space, we are curious to hear yours!


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