What are the Sacred Treasures? The seven magical weapons of The Seven Deadly Sins

The seven warriors who were once believed to be enemies of the kingdom of Lyonesse have returned. In January, the fourth season of The Seven Deadly Sins started, bringing back on TV Meliodas, Elizabeth, and all the warriors who must stop the Holy War against the demons. As always, the heroes have special weapons in their possession.

As the story of The Seven Deadly Sins, the seven warriors have put their hands back on their Sacred Treasures, weapons that exponentially increase their offensive power and which are of inestimable economic value. What are the seven Sacred Treasures? Let’s review these weapons and their names, as well as their powers.

  • Chastiefol Spiritual Spear: King’s Sacred Treasure, looks like a levitating spear capable of changing shape.
  • Gideon Warhammer: Sacred Treasure of Diane, is a hammer capable of unleashing a fearful force and unloading certain attacks into the earth.
  • Twin Herritt Arch: Sacred Treasure of Gowther. When summoned, a double arc is generated around the doll’s arm. It serves to extend the range and strength of Gowther’s powers.
  • Lostvayne Demon Sword: Sacred Treasure of Meliodas, is a short-bladed sword with four holes that allows the user to create some clones of himself, at the cost, however, of sharing his power.
  • Sacred Staff Courechouse: Sacred Treasure of Ban. It is an ornamental bracket capable of subdividing into four portions. While using it, increase Ban’s physical and mental strength to the maximum possible.
  • Aldan Morning Star: Merlin’s Sacred Treasure. It shows itself as a dark-colored and floating crystal ball that can reproduce some of Merlin’s spells.
  • Divine Ax Rhitta: Sacred Treasure of Escanor, is a huge ax with a blade forged in the shape of a crescent moon and is resistant to the heat given off by the Seven Deadly Sins, as well as being able to emit it at will in a concentrated way.
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These weapons have accompanied the Seven Deadly Sins throughout history and will certainly do so in The Seven Deadly Sins: Cursed by Light.


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