what are the next projects of the Cersei actress in Game of Thrones?

To the number of people not particularly happy with the ending of Game of Thrones you can certainly add the name of Lena Headey, who had expressed his discontent with the fate of Cersei Lannister in the series written by Benioff and Weiss. This did not stop her from returning to work on new projects in important roles soon.

Shortly after he finished filming the last season of Game of thrones, Headey appeared on the big screen in the role of co-star in the film A family down (Fighting with my Family), released in Italian cinemas on August 1, 2019 and which tells the story of the American wrestler Saraya “Paige” Bevis. Lena Headey plays in the film Saraya Knight, the mother of fighter Paige.

After the poor success of the film The Flood, in which she starred as the protagonist, the British actress has launched herself in two new films, much more promising, but which, due to the global COVID-19 pandemic, do not have a release date yet: in Twist, free adaptation of the novel by Charles Dickens Oliver Twist, in which she will play the part of the perfidious Sikes, e Gunpowder Milkshake, thriller in which Lena starred opposite Karen Gillan (the Nebula of Marvel Cinematic Universe). The film will tell the story of a mother and daughter, both professional killers, who will try to destroy a purely male criminal association for which they had worked. Titles in Italian have not been announced at the moment.

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Another project definitely to keep an eye on is the one that will see Headey playing the lead role in Rita, remake of the Netflix television series of the same name, which will be produced by Showtime. Rita, an immature single mother and a decidedly over-the-top teacher, will try to make her way into her school, educating her pupils to be better than their parents, and slowly rebuild her life. Again, the release date of the first season has not yet been announced, although we know that the director of the pilot will be Lisa Cholodenko, famous for The L Word.

While some time ago various speculations saw Lena Headey in the role of Lady Deadpool, the actress playing Cersei Lannister posted on her page Instagram a touching tribute to his former colleague Chadwick Boseman, who recently passed away.


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