What are the manga that deserve an anime adaptation? The Top 10 of Japanese fans

The new edition of Anime Japan will finally start on March 27th, the largest Japanese fair dedicated to anime and manga. After the cancellation of the 2020 edition caused by Covid, the event is ready to return also in the online version, and for the occasion we can expect many incredible announcements.

Like every year, then, the organization has drawn up the classic Top 10 manga that deserve an anime adaptation, based on the preferences of Japanese fans. Last year the first place was won by the comedy Komi-san wa Komyushou Desu, and three of the ten souls in the ranking have become souls in the course of 2020. Below you can read the new Top 10.

Incredibly the first position is occupied by Agravity Boys, Atsushi Nakamura’s sci-fi ended last month with the publication of the fourth volume. A short work which was given a mixed reception by Western audiences, but which seems to have managed to conquer the Japanese one. There is also room for the splendid Kaiju No. 8 and for Undead Unluck, although as you can see most of the chart is occupied by romantic comedies.

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SpyxFamily is back on the list, and even if nothing is official it is extremely likely that the pre-production of an anime has already begun. The manga was the ninth best-selling of 2020 according to the Oricon ranking, and with over forty chapters available, there is finally a good amount of material to draw from.

What do you think of it? Which manga would you like to see adapted into an anime? Let us know in the comments!


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