what are the best 5 episodes of the series?

One of the most popular and well-received shows in CW history was The Vampire Diaries. It ran for eight seasons, was the springboard for some really talented actors, and spawned two successful spinoffs because audiences just wanted to stay in the world they created.

Most of the viewers who loved her now miss her. That desire to relive the series leads fans to revisit their topical moments as the series airs every morning on Italy 1.

In eight seasons, there were many jaw-dropping moments that left the fans speechless. Hilarious fight scenes, emotional character deaths, heartwarming love stories, shocking twists, in short, this series had it all. Let’s try to see together what they were the best 5 episodes of The Vampire Diaries that are absolutely not to be missed:

  1. Foundation Day (Episode 22, Season 1): the first season developed precisely to end with this episode. He gave us our first glimpse of Damon / Alaric’s team as they attempted to stop John Gilbert’s plan to kill all vampires in Mystic Falls. Both Stefan and Damon’s lives were in danger, Bonnie took a stand for what she felt was right, Tyler was affected by a supernatural device, and Jeremy made a decision that would have serious consequences. All those plot threads came together for an episode full of emotion.
  2. The deceased (episode 22, season 3): the third season ended with this episode. It was so good that it would also work as a series finale. We can observe a more vulnerable Klaus than ever and the newly transformed vampire Alaric chasing him. There is a moment when Alaric clashes with Klaus and it seemed that all the vampires of his lineage (including Stefan, Damon and Caroline) would die. Rebekah forces Elena to go astray and Elena drowns and then kills Alaric as part of a spell. Elena’s death seemed to be the end until it was revealed that she died with vampire blood in her body. This twist changed the whole direction of the series.
  3. Graduation (episode 23, season 4): this episode saw the main cast finally graduate from high school, but there was a lot more going on. The veil between the living and the supernatural had been pulled down, leading the dead to return to Mystic Falls to settle the old scores. The highlight was probably Klaus’ surprise arrival at just the right moment to save Caroline and her friends. Then he gave her a heartwarming graduation present to show her how much he cared about her. The episode ended with a huge shock, as Stefan discovers he is a doppelganger of Silas.
  4. Home (episode 22, season 5): Stefan was killed and Caroline opens the episode in mourning. He is actually trapped on the other side of reality. Fans have witnessed the return of several deceased characters such as Alaric Saltzman, Lexi Branson and Sheila Bennett. Bonnie and Damon devise a plan to bring back those they lost from the afterlife. They get help from Liv, Matt, Jeremy, and others, causing the typical team effort this show gave us when it was at its best.
  5. I was in the mood for poetry (episode 16, season 8): the series finale comes after 171 episodes. The Vampire Diaries concluded by saying a heartwarming farewell to the characters we had grown to love for nearly a decade. The series gave us a look at the happiness and peace each character found after death. Building the supernatural children’s school with Klaus funding was almost the highlight, but the real highlight was the final minutes: Elena meets her family members and Salvatore brothers in the afterlife, ending the series on a note perfect.
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