We've seen 'Ares', Netflix's new 'teen' mystery series, and it's surreal

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The season 2 premiere of 'Sex Education' has eclipsed other newly landed fictions like 'Ares', the new Netflix series starring teenagers and with a plot of terror that comes from Holland, being the first production of this country for the platform. If you have already seen the first one, you are short of proposals and want to mark a short marathon of pure entertainment, this is a great option. In Cosmo we have already seen the first installment and we are still freaking out how surreal the story is. In fact, one of the main premises to enjoy and understand it is to look at each and every one of the details and characters, only in this way you will not be able to stay with poker face when you finish it and decipher its outcome. One of the most positive things about this Pieter Kuijpers creation is that it is made up of 0 30-minute chapters, we can finish it before a bowl of popcorn.

Attention 'spoilers'? What are we going to find in 'Ares'? The synopsis is simple. During the first minutes we see a group of young people who belong to a mysterious society, but we do not get to know many details about it, only that one of its members ends up in a quite dramatic way. Something dodgy is coming …

'Ares', Netflix's new teen series


'Ares', the Netflix series that leaves you freaking out with its ending

The story of 'Ares' has a protagonist named Rosa, a middle-class girl (a fact that is important in this case) who studies medicine while taking care, together with her father, of her sick mother. This young woman is ambitious and, therefore, does not reject the invitation of Ares, a secret student association, although her best friend Jacob advises her to stay away, although he is fully involved in garlic. Under the roof of this sect you will have all the luxuries you imagine, opportunities to progress and, therefore, do not hesitate to pass a series of unethical tests to enter. Little by little we see that this place hides very dark secrets and that all students are for a reason.

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Ares, the new Netflix series of teenagers


The plot rushes quickly and you don't want to look away to find answers. However, there is a part in which the thing becomes so philosophical / metaphorical that you end up not understanding anything. Only in the last chapter, in the end of 'Ares', You will find the pieces of this puzzle. Mention deserves the costumes of Carmen, one of his characters. Those puffed-sleeved shirts, loaded with frills or lechuguilla necks, like Cervantes's, are a dream. Always perfect, with velvet headbands and their pearls. I could be friends with Blair Waldorf for sure.

Carmen, actress of the Netflix series 'Ares'.


Strongly inspired by Kubrick's 'Eyes Wide Shut', power, religion, guilt are some of the themes that vertebrate 'Ares'. So if you feel like freaking out, you're taking time to see it …

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