Westworld 3, how long has it been in the post-credit scene? Jeffrey Wright jokes

In the first two seasons of Westworld, we mainly saw the Bernard Lowe of Jeffrey Wright move within the park of the Delos, but in the third season, for which the actor also got a nomination for the Emmy Award, the android assumes a secret identity and makes his way into the real world of humans.

After various vicissitudes, in the season finale Bernard enters the so-called Sublime, where all the “souls” of the hosts loaded there at the end of the second season are found. He does it in a motel, thanks to a technological device which seems to transmit his consciousness into the Sublime, leaving his body inactive. In the post-credit scene, right in the end, we see him returning, but the motel room is covered in dust and it really feels like a long time ago. But how much, actually?

To the question he answered the same Wright during an interview with the Wrap, explaining with a hint of irony: “It is actually very simple to understand. He obviously came out of the Sublime after the end of the Pandemic. He came out of there fully vaccinated and ready to live a new and freer existence. Where it is going we do not know for sure and we will not necessarily know, but it is different from how it was before leaving “.

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We leave you to the review of Westworld 3.


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