Weekly Shonen Jump: stop piracy with the new works of the shonen authors

Among the manga magazines most afflicted by piracy there is Weekly Shonen Jump. The Shueisha magazine has hosted important works such as ONE PIECE, Naruto and Bleach for years, while now it publishes My Hero Academia, Black Clover and many others of national and international success. For this reason it has always been at the center of illicit circulation.

Campaigns against piracy in Japan have been made as well as laws such as the latest against piracy of manga and other products. Now Weekly Shonen Jump launches a new attempt to raise awareness among Japanese and overseas readers and does so by involving some mangakas who have written in recent years or currently for Shueisha.

The "Stop! Kaizokuban" campaign against manga piracy will see involved Akira Akatsuki (Medaka Box), Tsurun Hatomune (Mitama Security), Shu Fukuda (Dorokei) and Mihona Fujii (Gals!) Who will draw mini chapters of a few pages.

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The first to launch in this publication is Akira Akatsuki who prepared the four-page comic that you see below. Based on the classic canons of the action shonen, the protagonist asks readers who deride mangaka not to pirate because it is a crime. In the next period, contents designed by other authors will also arrive.

Meanwhile Weekly Shonen Jump is preparing to publish four new series.


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