Weekly Shonen Jump is no longer for kids: here's what the magazine's data tell us

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For several years manga magazines have been in crisis. With digitization, magazines are increasingly in crisis and are seeing sales decline. They are therefore forced to devise new means of transmission for their products and to face the growing disinterest of young people towards manga. Weekly Shonen Jump is at the center of the change.

Weekly Shonen Jump is facing a difficult 2020. The magazine has lost three hits in a matter of a few months and must now renew itself, hoping to also be able to find some works that can replace the ONE PIECE of the records when it will end in a few years. And the choice does not seem to be in the least to look for among the boys, but among the older readers.

Shueisha has published the Mediaguide 2020 a few weeks ago which allows us to take a look at the status of Weekly Shonen Jump. At the moment the magazine sells 1,640 million copies per week, a pale spectrum of the 5 million sold in the 90s, and continuously decreasing. But the most interesting data is given by the age groups of the readers who follow Jump:

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  • Under nine years: 3.2%;
  • 10-12 years: 9.6%;
  • 13-15 years: 16.4%;
  • 16-18 years: 17.6%;
  • 19-24 years: 25.8%;
  • over 25 years: 27.4%.

Recall that one shonen magazine is aimed at a male audience aged between 10-11 years and 19-20 years. For this reason it is surprising how people who read Weekly Shonen Jump have a very high average age, even the highest percentage is to be found in people over 25 years.

Certainly much is due to ONE PIECE which has been serialized for 23 years, but in general the magazine may have to give up targeting the young audience. It is therefore likely that in the coming years we will see more and more series designed for children aged 16 and over.

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