We talked to various analysts about the lack of stock or the delay of PS5 and Xbox Series X

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Perhaps in the current situation in which we all find ourselves, the last thing that worries you is whether at the end of the year you can have your new PS5 at home or Xbox Series X, but the truth is that the pandemic is expected to have sasaplandificantly affected the production of the components necessary to manufacture these new generation video consoles, and therefore it is expected that there will not be units for everyone during Christmas this year.

Speaking with six analysts and analysis firms IGN has spoken about the possibility of a delay in the release of both consoles or the lack of units to satisfy the demand that will undoubtedly be at the end of 2020.

DFC Intelligence notes that the amount of uncertainties hanging over this new generation of consoles makes it very difficult to predict the ramifications of what may happen in the short term.

The current lack of certainty is unprecedented. Let's hope that demand is greater than the number of units by a fairly sasaplandificant margin. The only certainty is uncertainty and anyone who tells you otherwise has a crystal ball to which we have no access.

During this crisis, the demand for video games has increased considerably in many countries and platforms such as Steam have broken their record of simultaneously connected users several times, exceeding 32 million.

At some point, if the product is limited or the price of the components becomes too high, Microsoft and Sony are going to have to make the decision to launch few units or delay the launch until the supply chain works normally again. . We do not expect this decision to be made in the short term.

Wedbush Securities' Michael Pachter does not expect a launch delay.

It is highly likely that the virus curve has been missed in most areas where manufacturing takes place when manufacturing begins in June. That suggests both consoles will be in stores by November, so I don't expect any delays on both releases.

Pachter is not completely misguided if we consider that in countries where these devices are manufactured, such as China, they are already beginning to recover because it was precisely where the outbreak broke out and where its spread began to be fought first.

Daniel Ahmad, from the Niko firm, says that the situation will depend on what happens in the coming months. The company also notes that so many factories produce these components that it is difficult to make a forecast for now.

The factory closings since the Lunar New Year and the slow return to work for many will result in a global console shortage in the second quarter of 2020 and beyond. We do not expect a sasaplandificant decrease in the second quarter given that console sales are somewhat seasonal and the highest number of sales takes place at the end of the year.

Ultimately, it appears that what will determine whether there will be enough units or not will be the state of the companies at the end of the second quarter of the year. If by that time they have not been able to return to work at full capacity, there will not be enough material to put in stores in the coming months.

Dr. Serkan Toto of Kantan Games, who spoke at the time of a possible delay in the launch of the consoles, talks about the decision of both brands to continue targeting Christmas.

I was skeptical about the PS5 release because of Sony's initial silence. But now that Microsoft has confirmed Christmas 2020 as the release date, there is no other way for Sony to keep up with them. They're not going to see as if the main competition is hogging over Christmas while they sit aside with PS4.

At the moment it seems that there is nothing that can be set in stone about what will or will not happen with the new generation consoles, but most likely, there are not enough units or the release is delayed.

Spiketrap's Adam Sessler shared a graph on what players think of all this and shows that in early March there was little concern in the community about the possible lack of units or a delay of the new generation.

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