We see this beautiful fan art of Goku in super hero version of DC Comics

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Goku is undoubtedly the glue of the series Dragon Ball and one of the most loved characters in the world of anime and manga. A talented enthusiast has decided to bring him into the world of American super heroes with a fan art.

The author of the drawing is Adam ZockerMaul, famous among fans of the series Akira Toriyama for his Dragon Ball themed works. In fan art, which you find at the bottom of the news, we see what Goku's costume would look like if he were a super hero of the DC Comics. The costume recalls, for the colors and the band, the classic dress that the character sports in the series, but some X-Men fans may also notice a vague reference to the costume of Wolverine (especially for the claw marks on the hips).

On the chest and behind the back there is the Yin-Yang symbol. We hardly believe that, thanks to his enormous strength and power, Goku could be one of the pillars among the DC Comics heroes if he ever had to enter that narrative universe and become a super hero.

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We also recently showed you some fans who celebrated Goku and Vegeta's friendship with a tattoo. Friendship that has become the centerpiece of the series Dragon Ball Super in which the two Saiyans challenge and train to overcome their limits. Right in the manga designed by Toyotaro we are witnessing the clash against Pier arrived on Earth and Goku showed us the Ultra Instinct Omen, the result of severe training.

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