‘We are Lady Parts’ season 2 release date, cast, precap, and everything you need to know

‘We are lady parts’ is a feel-good sitcom that follows the story of a rock band ‘We are Lady Parts’ run by Muslim women only. It is written, created, and directed by Nida Manzoor. She has won Rose d’Or Emerging Talent Award for it in 2021. The season was premiered on Channel 4 on 20th April 2021 and has 6 episodes with a runtime of 25 minutes.


The series is about the journey of Amina – a microbiology student who is appointed as the lead guitarist of the rock band named – ‘Lady Parts’. The band is run in the UK and by Muslim women only. The story also shows friendship and relationships among them as well as with others. Though they are all Muslims some of their cultural beliefs vary and how they manage work, success, personal life, societal shortcomings, and those differences is really nice to watch.

It’s not only a feel-good series but is also hilarious. It won Best Comedy Series at the Edinburgh International Television Festival. Anjana Vasan was nominated for Outstanding Performance In New Series at the Gotham Awards. A creator, writer, and director Nida Manzoor has won Rose d’Or Emerging Talent Award for it in 2021.


Anjana Vasan (Amina – a new guitarist of Lady parts and a medical student)

Sarah Kameela Impey (Saira – leader, main singer, and rhythm guitar player of the band)

Juliette Motamed (Ayesha – drummer)

Faith Omole (Bisma – bass player)

Lucie Shorthouse (Momtaz – manager of the band)

Aiysha Hart (Noor – Amina’s best friend)

Zaqi Ismail (Ahsan – Ayisha’s brother and Amina’s crush)

David Avery (Abdullah – Saira’s boyfriend)

Shobu Kapoor (Seema – Amina’s mother)

Sofia Barclay (Zarina – influencer and magazine culture editor)


“Play Something”
“Potential Future Spouse”
“Earth Natives”


The story begins with our lead character Amina, who is at a social meeting with her parents. While acting like a wife material whereas their parents create some conflict when they mention Amina playing guitar. The potential suitor basically considers it as religiously wrongful to do so i.e. a sin. They try to correct what they spoke by speaking that Amina takes guitar classes and is not a stage performer. Her already engaged friend Noor tries to convince her to not settle for a guy who looks down on her skills.

Saira is the leader and the lead singer of the band along with drummer Ayesha and bassist Bisma. She thinks that they really need a good guitarist and later, Amina and their path will cross when Amina takes a chance to give an audition. The story moves ahead as she is excited to be part of the band. Saira is the driving force of the band though she has some commitment issues in other areas of her life. Our drummer Ayesha is the most aloof and somewhat closed self. Bisma is an excellent cartoonist, yet a committed member of the band. She has not got big dreams about being part of the big famous band.

One of the best characters of the series is, band manager Mumtaz. Who is always seen in full coverage burkha along with fingerless gloves? She is really energetic and hardworking. She never fails in putting the band in front of the right audience. When she is not working on making the band famous, she works for a lingerie store.

As the show moves ahead, all of them are seen emerging beyond societal belief of what should and what should not be done. They have started looking over their self-doubts, and they now realize their prominent abilities. They see no harm in having a love interest in their life but hope for the partner to be supportive of their career.

The series covers Amina’s conflict of becoming a good girl according to societal norms and pursuing her electrifying dream. She discovers that she actually enjoys pursuing what she is made for and wants to continue the same. There occur some heartfelt moments when she sometimes gets disappointed due to her unrequited crush on Ahsan.

In the 5th episode, it seems that everything will fall apart. Some social media influencers try to make the band anti-social, anti-religion, and anti-culture. As their songs were mostly about life problems and not about how females operate, the public started believing the hateful article and the band splits apart. The whole thing happened just because Ayesh was overly invested in her new relationship, i.e. blindly trusting the guy.  Meanwhile, Saira is completely broken because of the article as expected. As she was the one who was working really very much and we hope that she will bring back her motivation once again.

So episode 5 was all about how they split apart and fight the societal barriers and how they fight with each other. It seems that things have gone out of hand for them. It leaves us in the excitement that what would happen to such a wonderful band and women. Will they be back together? will they bond with each other completely once again?

In the 6th and the last episode of the season, we see each one trying to cope with their side of losses due to the split and the societal abuses. Amina has now withdrawn from the identity of a musician as well as a Muslim lady. She is on the path of finding her own place in the world, her own voice. She keeps on trying to get a perfect match and ends up feeling disrespected. Her parents never ask her to stop being different as they value what being different feels like. Meanwhile, Bisma seems to have become more responsible. She has started working with a small agency as she thinks Lady Parts is completely over after Saira’s outburst.

Momtaz the heart and brain of the group is now onto finding all the way to keep the group together. Though the big portion of the social media was showered hatred to the group, another part was actually praising their songs and dedication. She talks with Saira about getting the band together and apologizing to the members. In the finale, it is revealed that she is having trauma because of her sister’s death and the unexpected defamation of the band.

The way Saira pools the ‘sorry’ conversation so well that she steals the show. Each member supports her by saying that they no longer care for what society throws at them. After hearing all this, she is quite relaxed now.

The show ending on the ‘Queen classic We Are The Champions’ represents these women being champions of their own story and destiny. How dedicated and courageous of them to be back together and show to the world that they are really a gemstone. The way they pull their dress or the way they sing doesn’t have to bring down their value as in person. That they are like a wolf package, fearless and powerful.

We hope to get the next season where the ladies be working hard on the band and winning the heart of the society too!  Pecoack renewed the second season in November 2021 and hence we might get to watch it somewhere in the middle of the year 2022. Let’s hope to get to watch it as soon as possible.

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