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Wayne Rooney said goodbye to the MLS and these are the numbers he left

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The English stage in MLS came to an end after the elimination of his team at the hands of Toronto FC

Wayne Rooney said goodbye to the MLS and these are the numbers he left

Wayne Rooney finished his cycle as a player in MLS.


Wayne Rooney's passage through American football came to an end with the elimination of DC United at the hands of Toronto FC. However, the work of the English player was quite decent.

Although he was only two seasons in MLS, Rooney played 51 games, in which he added a total of 25 goals and 14 assists. That is, he intervened directly in 39 entries for the cause of his team in all competitions.

From the hand of his captain Rooney, who assumed to take the reins of the team on the court since his third game on American soil, DC United got 23 wins, 14 draws and 13 losses.

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In his little more than fifty parties, he was expelled twice. And although his first year in the MLS was better than the second, in both he had great performances, which contrasted with the last against Toronto FC, where he did not give his best game and had to get out of the field. Nevertheless, He left his mark as one of the top 10 scorers in the history of the club.

Now the destiny of English is in the Derby county where he will play a very peculiar role as player-coach.


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