Watch Dogs Legion: details on Gold, Ultimate, Collector's Edition; first chapter included

Have you already seen the Watch Dogs Legion short film and video gameplay? Great, now is the time to find out all the details on the editions that will be available at the launch of the game, set for October 29, 2020 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC and Google Stadia, and subsequently on PS5 and Xbox Series X.

Watch Dogs Legion will be available in the Standard, Gold, Ultimate and Collector's editions, which will be joined by the Uplay + Edition addressed to all subscribers to the PC service.

Standard Edition (59.99 – 69.99 euros)

  • Watch Dogs Legion (the game).

Gold Edition (99.99 euros)

  • Watch Dogs Legion (the game);
  • Season Pass.

UPLAY + Edition (included in the € 14.99 subscription)

  • Watch Dogs Legion (the game);
  • Season Pass;
  • Ultimate Pack (except VIP status).

Ultimate Edition (109.99 – 119.99 euros)

  • Watch Dogs Legion (the game);
  • Season Pass;
  • Ultimate Pack.

Collector's Edition (179.99 – 189.99 euros)

  • Watch Dogs Legion (the game);
  • Season Pass;
  • Ultimate Pack;
  • Replica Corona DedSec Mask;
  • Immediate access to the DedSec Corona Mask in the game;
  • Propaganda poster printed on both sides;
  • Set of three stickers;
  • Exclusive steelbook;
  • Collector's box.
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The Watch Dogs Legion Season Pass will give access to two new post-game story expansions, four exclusive heroes (each with special skills and costumes), three DedSec missions (Not in our name, Guardian Protocol and Swipe on the right), a DedSec car skin and a copy of Watch Dogs Complete Edition.

L'Watch Dogs Legion Ultimate Pack instead offers the Urban Jungle Pack (Three characters, each with a mask and a custom costume, that is Lynx, Leopard and Viper), the London Dissident Pack (Sapphire Guard Mask, Cardboard Cyborg Mask, Distortion Mask) and four weeks of VIP Status (a currency booster in the game for single player mode, which you can share with friends by playing in co-op mode). VIP status is not included in the copy for Uplay +.

More details can be found on the Ubisoft Store. The following contents may also be available in some editions offered by specific resellers: Winston keychains, London Dissident Pack and Lynx + VIP status (1 week).


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