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Days Gone Bye“, the first episode of The Walking Dead directed by Frank Darabont, aired on AMC on Halloween night of 2010, which means that yesterday, 30 October 2020, was exactly the tenth anniversary of the first broadcast of the serial transposition of the beloved comic by Robert Kirkman.

Ten years after the beginning of this very long and fragmented adventure in the Universe of The Walking Dead, the channel FOX TV UK decided to pay homage to the zombie-based series by publishing a new video montage to celebrate the important anniversary of the show, essentially showing 1 second of each episode of the series, from season 1 to 10 and therefore from Days Gone Bye ad A Certain Doom.

As previously reported, The Walking Dead will officially end with the eleventh season which will air on AMC in 2022, but the TWD Universe has now expanded and has several neighboring projects such as The Walking Dead: The World Beyond, Fear the Walking Dead and the announced cinematic film dedicated to Rick Grimes of Andrew Lincoln.

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For further information, we leave you to our review of The Walking Dead 10×16, reminding you that the bonus episodes of the tenth season will soon arrive, as a corollary of the narrative arc concluded.

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