Was Final Fantasy 16 for PS5 supposed to be unveiled at the June event?

The rumors that want the imminent announcement of Final Fantasy 16 exclusively for PlayStation 5. The most popular date is tomorrow, September 16, the day in which the September PS5 showcase will be broadcast.

Will it really be so? There is no certainty at the moment, but last weekend a very long discussion arose on ResetERA which also involved some well-known personalities of the videogame industry, so certainly not the first users who pass. Some, like Niko Partners analyst Daniel “ZhugeEX” Ahmad, believe very likely an announcement tomorrow, others are more wary. APZonerunner also entered the discussion, Feature Editor of VG247.com, who shared something very interesting: according to the journalist, theFinal Fantasy 16 announcement was expected during the PS5 The Future of Gaming event last June, but Square Enix would have canceled it to make room for Projec Athia, as Sony would have specifically asked for games with a disruptive graphic impact.

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“Based on the information I have: in the grand scheme of things, this game [Final Fantasy 16, ndr] it was supposed to be part of the Sony event in June – but that was the plan at the beginning of the year, before COVID-19, when things shown at the June event could also end up at E3 or other big shows.

It is likely that Square Enix judged last June the graphic impact of Final Fantasy 16 not up to Sony’s demands. According to the journalist, the sixteenth final fantasy turns on the now “proven graphics engine” of the series. Project Athia, for its part, is a “forward-looking project, visually impressive “.

Clearly, we cannot confirm the reporter’s words, since they are not official. What is certain is that Square Enix has more announcements in store for this 2020.


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