Warriors Eternal is Genndy Tartakovsky’s insane new HBO Max animated series

Genndy Tartakovsky it is truly unstoppable. The author and animator of Russian-American origins already creator of the extraordinary Samurai Jack, de Dexter’s Laboratory e Primal has in fact presented in the last few hours his new original project, obviously intriguing and crazy and entitled Unicorn: Warrarios Eternal.

The series is a co-production Cartoon Network ed HBO Max and will land both on the historic animation channel and on the new streaming platform of Warner Bros, increasingly rich in interesting products with a high quality profile.

The official statement states that the series “will follow a team of ancient teenage heroes as they work together to protect the world from an unexpected omen. With themes that intertwine from the supernatural to adventure, the new series will be full of funny and mysterious stories based on multi-generational storytelling, for children, teenagers and adults.“.

It still reads: “The Unicorns of history symbolize the virtuous, appearing to ensure the goodness of the kingdoms they protect. When our heroes wake up too early, they find themselves stuck in teenage bodies, with no memories of their ancient history and with weakened or fragmented physical and magical abilities.“.

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What do you think? This one fascinates you Unicorn: Warriors Eternal of Genndy Tartakovsky? Let us know as always in the comments at the bottom of the news.


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