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 Warner Bros. in search of an actor for the Penguin in The Batman

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The villain The Penguin / Penguin in DC comics

Important news week for the movie "The Batman" which started with the incorporation of Zoë Kravitz to be Selina Kyle, immediately knowing that Jonah Hill broke his negotiations with the studio to join the cast of the film, and finally knowing yesterday that Paul Dano joined the film to be the villain Enigma.

From Deadline they shed some more light on the movements of these days, especially in relation to the villains and the situation with Hill. The media confirms once again what has been said in the past, there will be several villains in the film, and Penguin and Enigma will be two of them, being Warner Bros. right now looking for the right actor to wear the top hat and the Oswald Cobblepot monocle.

According to this new report, the director Matt Reeves wanted Hill to play the Penguin in the movie but apparently the negotiations came to a standstill when Hill expressed his desire to play Enigma.

The publication makes no reference to Seth Rogen, who was said the other day was the new study candidate for the role of the Penguin.

Hill's choice for Cobblepot is unique because this villain has generally always been shown as someone quite older than Batman, which here would not be fulfilled given the 35 years that Hill is against the 33 years of Robert Pattinson, an actor who will be put in Batman's skin.

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It is also worth noting that Deadline describe Catwoman as a villain, hinting that his character will not occupy his usual role as one of Bruce Wayne's love interests … at least not in this installment. The report states that Catwoman, Enigma and Penguin will "chase" Batmanby Robert Pattinson. However, it remains to be seen if they do so individually or if they plan to attack the Dark Knight as a team.

Via information | Deadline

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