Warframe ‘goes on a diet’: data on disk reduced by 15 GB with the new updates

With Warframe’s Heart of Deimos and the other expansions launched to date by Digital Extremes, the action free to play has reached dimensions far beyond those originally envisaged by its authors. With the next updates, the Canadian software house therefore promises to implement a real “slimming cure”.

From the pages of Warframe forum, the North American developers explain that they have decided to implement this cut due to the fact that “In the eight years since the launch of the title we have seen the installation file size grow by over 100 times, and if we consider all the extraordinary content we have added in this time frame we can easily understand why: three freely explorable planets, 28 missions, 500 weapons and over a thousand mods, not to mention the remastering of the content already proposed “.

The work that awaits Digital Extremes, therefore, will not be easy at all, for this reason the promised optimization intervention will be divided into several updates that will each contribute to increasingly reduce the weight of the game on the hard disk of its system of choice. . The first of these updates will be available from next week (first on PC and later on console) and, once installed, will implement a “low level” optimization that it will cut 6.5 GB of data on disk.

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The subsequent updates will arrive by the end of the year and will contribute to reduce by an additional 9 GB the weight of the Warframe installation file on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, for a total of over 15 GB of data saved on hard disk. This “slimming cure” will also involve the Nintendo Switch edition of Warframe, although the exact amount of GB that will be removed from the files installed on the disc has yet to be communicated by the Canadian authors. However, the interventions carried out by Digital Extremes will not have no impact on the content of the title or the quality of its graphic component.


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