Waiting for Resident Evil Village: RE 3 Remake is close to 3 million, the series over 103!

While the rumors related to weapons, enemies and bosses of Resident Evil Village do not stop Capcom once again confirm the great commercial relevance of the franchise.

In presenting the financial results achieved during the last quarter, the video game giant has in fact shared the updated sales data for the franchise. Overall, the survival horror saga has far exceeded the 100 million copies sold threshold, with a figure that it currently estimates 103 million games in the series purchased all over the world. A remarkable result, for a brand that does not see its relevance on the market decrease.

Obviously it also contributes to the total sales of the Resident Evil saga Resident Evil 3 Remake, the most recent iteration in terms of publishing. The return of Nemesis has captivated nearly 3 million players, with a number of copies sold that stands at 2.7 million units on the international gaming market.

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The next incarnation of the franchise will abandon the path of the remake, to offer players a completely new story. Much awaited, the eighth chapter of the series is currently the protagonist of a wide selection of rumors, including the possible support of Resident Evil Village for VR.


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