Waiting for Resident Evil 3 Remake: let's retrace the history of the horror series on video

Waiting impatiently to once again put on the role of Jill and Carlo to experience the digital nightmare of Resident Evil 3 Remake, we made a new special video to retrace the history of the Capcom horror series.

The video that stands out at the beginning of the article accompanies the in-depth analysis by Giuseppe Carrabba that tells the story of Resident Evil, the dark-colored epic that has elevated Shinji Mikami to the rank of undisputed master of the genre and helped to write some of the most important and representative pages of the videogame medium.

The imaginary constructed from the plot of the original chapters of the saga of Resident Evil has expanded considerably over the following years, enriching the narrative canvas of each episode with the entry of dozens of unpublished characters which, with their experience, have generated a sort of "expanded universe" full of backstory and events without interruption.

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From the origins of evil represented by Progenitor virus all 'zombie apocalypse of Raccoon City, passing through i ice of Antarctica and i Spanish villages of the different chapters that marked the rhythm of the Resident Evil story, let's try to understand to what extent the authors of Capcom have been able to go to build a literally boundless fan base, such as the one that is eagerly awaiting the release of Resident Evil 3 Remake (completely voiced and subtitled in Italian) for the 3rd April this year on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.


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